Why Emmanuella may never make her hair – Mark Angel reveals


The Mark Angel Comedy group has grown with Little Emmanuella doing exploits with her Uncle Mark.

In a recent interview with NAIJ, Mark Angel reveals her parents’ reaction to her new found fame, how she gets paid and how comedy and travelling is affecting her schooling. Read excerpts below:

On her Parents’ reactions to her acting, he said:

They were happy. We didn’t even know that this was going to go big like this when we started. We liked what we were doing and we were doing it for the fun of it. After shooting the comic skits all we do then was to share it with our friends on Whatsapp and they will tell that was funny and that will be the end of it. But later I started to build social media handles to see how more people can view what we are doing. We found out that when people see Emmanuella their moods just change. We want her to affect more people.

On her Parents’ reaction now that she’s a superstar

Just the same way I feel. They are like wow this has gone big. It came as a surprise that we are going this big, when we noticed we told ourselves we have to be serious about it so that we will not disappoint our viewers and followers. That is how we turned our hubby into something serious.

On how Emmanuella gets paid

It’s no longer family-family thing but now business. Emmanuella’s family and I realized that she is a minor now though a celebrity but she is going to grow up. So we need to save for her future. Together with her parents we have put things in place for her.